Teach Revolt

Teach Revolt: neo-liberalism and education management is a manifesto, a warning, that the neo-liberal re-organisation of higher level education is shifting educational practice from trained teaching staff to corporate managers. The difference is worth noting, whereas pedagogy was once considered the domain of educators on the front line of education, nowadays these educators are seeing their positions diminished, limited or outright closed by a growing cadre of management professionals whose background demonstrates little concern for learning and learning experimentation. Instead, we are witnessing the shift from a passive form of questioning educational practices to an active form of propagandising management accomplishments, with the toll falling on junior teaching staff, and students, who no longer find benefit from long term teaching visions. Everything in this new paradigm becomes managed through cherry picked trend setting outside “master” professionals who come in independently of the institution on limited short term contracts.. More on this in upcoming Posts.

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working to make things better if still possible

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