The countryside as destruction, nostalgia and re-invention

The countryside as destruction, nostalgia and re-invention: The German Case Peter Lang, R-lab_N_A +LABLAB Introduction Clues to understanding the importance of the German countryside in relation to German society are not difficult to find, but often are overlooked, given the monumental cultural role of German cities like Berlin, Cologne or Munich. Yet there is aContinue reading “The countryside as destruction, nostalgia and re-invention”

Teach Revolt

Teach Revolt: neo-liberalism and education management is a manifesto, a warning, that the neo-liberal re-organisation of higher level education is shifting educational practice from trained teaching staff to corporate managers. The difference is worth noting, whereas pedagogy was once considered the domain of educators on the front line of education, nowadays these educators are seeingContinue reading “Teach Revolt”

Get Non-Aligned

Want to get non-aligned? register and get our newsletter. R-lab non-aligned emerged from the course R-lab, which itself came together over 6 years as a post-graduate cross-disciplinary course taught at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Run by Peter Lang, who as Professor in Architectural Theory and History built this advanced platform to promoteContinue reading “Get Non-Aligned”